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Friday, May 4, 2018

Event #6, Flight D - Jose Tronilo Sends Corbin Avery Home Last Hand of the Night, Takes Chip Lead

Event #6D: $400 NLH Multi Flight Re-Entry $125,000 Guaranteed
Level: 15
Blinds: 1,200/2,400
Ante: 400
Entries: 137
Current Players Remaining: 26
Avg. Chip Stack: 105,384
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

It's the last hand of the night on the feature table. Tim Kelliher opens to 6,000 in late position, and Corbin Avery raises to 15,500 in the small blind. Jose Tronilo moves all in from the big blind for around 100,000, and Kelliher quickly folds.  Avery thinks for a bit before ultimately calling for just about the same size stack.

Tronilo: K♠K♣
Avery: QQ♠

The board runs out 8♣5♠543♣, awarding Tronilo the pot.

After a close count of chips, it's determined that Tronilo has Avery covered by a small margin, and Avery is eliminated from play.

The floor is now handing out bags to the remaining players. Those making it through will return tomorrow (Fri. May 5th) at 11am to play Day 2.

Jose Tronilo - 237,500
Corin Avery - Eliminated