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Friday, May 4, 2018

Event #6, Flight D - Advancing Players (By Chip Count)

Jose Tronilo - Flight D Chip Leader
There are 25 players advancing to Day 2 from Flight C of the $6400 No-Limit Hold'em Multi Flight Re-Entry event. The 25 players listed below will join the 14 that advanced in Flight A, the 12 that advanced in Flight B, and the 20 that advanced in Flight C. Day 2 play resumes at 11 am on Friday May 4th.

Here is a look at the final number of players, broken down by flight:

FlightEntries  Advance 
Flight A7514
Flight B5612
Flight C10720
Flight D13725

Jose Tronilo bagged the chip lead of Flight D in the last hand of the night when he got it all in holding pocket kings against Corbin Avery's pocket queens.  Avery was unable to improve and was eliminated from play, while Tronilo was propelled to the chip leader of the final flight.

Here are the 25 players advancing from Flight D:

First: Last: Chip Count:
Jose Tronilo 237,500
Tom Butler 237,000
Kevin Planchon 207,000
Glen Minxolli 180,500
Kip Bochain 178,500
Tim Kelliher 150,000
Pablo Delgado 135,500
Scott Burgo 134,000
Anthony Magistrale 130,500
Michael Bills 119,500
Soukha Kachittavong 112,500
Antonios Mouratidis 105,000
Thomas Pizzi 103,500
Chanthy Phoutsakanh 94,500
Peter Campo 79,000
Jamshidbek Begmatov 78,000
Will Chadwick 71,500
Kwang Soo Lim 61,000
Alfonzo Santana 60,500
Pete  Carroll 57,500
Adrian Scarpa 51,000
Peter Maldonado 45,500
Craig Doster 37,000
Johanssy Joseph 36,500
Tedford Armistead 35,500

***A list of table/seating assignments will be posted in the next few hours.