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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Event #6, Flight C - Mark Perry Doubles Just Before End of Day

Event #6C: $400 NLH Multi Flight Re-Entry $125,000 Guaranteed
Level: 15
Blinds: 1,200/2,400
Ante: 400
Entries: 107
Current Players Remaining: 21
Avg. Chip Stack: 101,904
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Facing a raise from the player on the button, Mark Perry moves all in from the small blind for just under 30,000, and it folds back to the button who goes deep into the tank.

After a few minutes Perry stands up in his chair and says, "I just really want to bag," while winking at a player at the table.

"Wait, does that make me sound weak?" Perry asks with a smile on his face.

Another two full minutes pass before the button tosses in a chip to call.

Perry:  Q♠Q♣
Button: 7♣7

The board runs out K326A, awarding Perry a double up just a few hands before the end of play. 

Mark Perry -85,000