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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Event #6, Flight C - John Fontana Knocks Out Two in Back-to-Back Hands

Event #6C: $400 NLH Multi Flight Re-Entry $125,000 Guaranteed
Level: 10
Blinds: 400/800
Ante: 100
Current No. of Entries: 107
Current Players Remaining: 50
Avg. Chip Stack: 42,800
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

John Fontana
Hand #1:

Facing a shove from Brian Ng in the big blind, John Fontana has called the all-in from under the gun, having Ng slightly covered.

Ng:  AA♣
Fontana: Q♠Q

Ng is ahead, but only until the flop comes A♣5♣3 giving Fontana the lead when he flops a set of queens.

Unfortunately for Ng, the 2♠ turn and 6 river do not improve his hand, and he is eliminated from play.

"How did I know that was going to happen?" Ng asks in frustration as he stands up from the table.

"I'm sorry," Fontana says genuinely

John Fontana - 80,000
Brian Ng - Eliminated 

Hand #2:

The very next hand, Fontana is in the big blind, and has called an all-in shove from Louis Scianna from under the gun, only this time the hands are reversed.

Scianna is holding Q♠Q, and Fontana holds AA.

Unfortunately for Scianna, the board runs out 10♣10♠27♠A♣, and he is eliminated from play.

John Fontana - 120,000
Louis Scianna - Eliminated