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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Event #1C: John Caputo Eliminated By Giuseppe Ruvolo

Event #1C: $600 NLH Multi-Flight $300,000 Guaranteed
Level: 13
Blinds: 800/1,600
Ante: 200
Entries: 328
Current Players Remaining: 84
Avg. Chip Stack: 78,095
Feature Table Live Stream Link:
Giuseppe Ruvolo

According to Giuseppe Ruvolo, he recently eliminated Foxwoods regular John Caputo to cross over the 200k chip mark.

There were two limpers pre-flop, and John Caputo made it 7,000 in the small blind. Ruvolo called in the big blind, and both of the other players folded.

The flop came A-Q-6. Caputo bet 12,000, and Ruvolo called.

The turn was a 10, and Caputo moved all in.  Ruvolo quickly called with his set of sixes, and Caputo turned over 7-7 for a pair of sevens.

The river card was safe for Ruvolo, and Caputo was eliminated from play, while Ruvolo now sits with around 260,000.