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Friday, March 16, 2018

Event 9: John LePage Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,632)

Event 9: $300 NLH Monster Stack $50,000 Guaranteed

Level 29: 30,000/60,000/10,000
Total Entries: 292
Players Remaining: 8
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John LePage
John LePage moves all in from under the gun and it's folds around to David Lombardi in the big blind. Lombardi peels his cards back and instantly calls turning over K♣️K♦️,

LePage sees the bad news as he turns over his K♠️J♠️. He picks up a gutshot straight draw on the 10♣️9♦️4♣️ flop and an open ended straight draw on the 8♣️ turn. The 6♥️ hits the river and Lombardi breathes a sigh of relief as his kings hold up to earn him the pot and the knockout.

David Lomardi- 2,900,000
John LePage- Eliminated in 9th Place- ($1,632)