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Friday, March 16, 2018

Event 9: Quintin Tyson Leads the Final Four

Event 9: $300 NLH Monster Stack $50,000 Guaranteed

Level 31: 50,000/100,000/10,000
Total Entries: 292
Players Remaining: 4
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Quintin Tyson
With the elimination of Brian Stearn in 5th place we are down to the final four Monster Stack players. Quintin Tyson won a massive pot in the previous level when his ace king held up against the nut flush draw of David Lombardi on the king high flop.

Tyson is now playing nearly half of the chips in play with 5,545,000 with just three players standing between him and the Monster Stack title.

Below is an updated look at the final four stacks and what's at stake.

Quintin Tyson- 5,545,000
Jimmy Nguyen- 2,900,000
David Lombardi- 2,000,000
John Koch- 1,400,000

1. $16,887+Trophy
2. $10,309
3. $6,812
4. $5,413