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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Event #8 (Seniors): Paul Freedman Climbing

Event #8: $300 NLH Seniors $25,000 Guaranteed
Level:  7
Blinds: 200/400
Ante: 50
Entries: 151
Current Players Remaining: 133
Avg. Chip Stack: 22,706
Feature Table Live Stream Link:
Prizepool Information will be posted shortly

Paul Freedman - Shown here in August 2017 after winning his first
World Series of Poker Circuit ring in the $365 Monster Stack event.

There's around 1,500 in the middle, and fourplayers to see the A8♠3 flop.

The small and big blind both check, a player in middle position bets 1,200, and Paul Freedman calls on the button.  Both blinds fold.

The turn is the 10♠. The player in middle position bets 3,300, and Freeman calls again.

The river is the J. This time the first player checks, and it's Freedman who places a bet of 5,300. His opponent calls, and Freedman says, "Two pair," as he turns over J8.

Freedman's opponent stares at the board for about fifteen seconds, and then opts to muck his hand without showing.

Freedman is no stranger to tournament success, especially here at Foxwoods.  With over $180,000 in live tournament earnings to his name, Freedman took down the World Series of Poker Circuit Monster Stack event here at Foxwoods back in August of 2017, earning himself $31,605, and his first Circuit ring.

Paul Freedman - 50,000