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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Event #8 ($30 NLH Seniors): Matthew Rolland Triples Up

Event #8: $300 NLH Seniors $25,000 Guaranteed
Level:  11
Blinds: 600/1,200
Ante: 200
Entries: 182
Current Players Remaining: 78
Avg. Chip Stack: 46,666
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There are five players that have called 3,000 to see the QJ6 flop. The blinds both check, Matthew Rolland moves all in for his remaining 2,700, the player next to act moves all in over the top for 8,700, and Kevin Kernan calls in the hijack.  Both blinds fold, and the players turn over their hands:

Rolland: Q♣J♣  (two pair)
Middle Position: 10♣9 (straight draw)
Kevin Kernan: K♣Q♠ (top pair)

The A♠ turn does not impact the hand, and the 6 river is safe for Rolland to triple up.  The player in middle position is eliminated from play, and Kernan is awarded the side pot.

Matthew Rolland - 26,000
Kevin Keranan - 37,000