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Monday, March 26, 2018

Event 19: Tryba Shoves on Saeed

Event #19: $2,500 NLH Championship $400,000 Guaranteed
Level 21: 6,000/12,000/2,000
Total Entries: 220
Players Remaining: 9

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Chris Tryba
In the very first hand off the deck the action folds around to Omar Saeed on the button. Saeed raises to 25,000 and Chris Tryba reraises to 71,000 from the small blind.

With the action back on Saeed he makes it 171,000 and Tryba moves all in for 589,000. Saeed goes deep into the tank for nearly two minutes. "You had to show up late for your big blind" Saeed says jokingly to Alex Rocha.

He eventually lays it down and Trya shows only the 6♠️ as he rakes in the pot. 

Chris Tryba- 790,000
Omar Saeed- 1,342,000