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Monday, March 26, 2018

Event 19: Kohlberg Shows the Bluff

Event #19: $2,500 NLH Championship $400,000 Guaranteed
Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5,000
Total Entries: 220
Players Remaining: 2

Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Curt Kohlberg
Omar Saeed raises to 125,000 and Kurt Kohlberg calls. They see a flop of Q♠️4♦️3♥️ and both players check. The turn is the 5♥️ and Kohlberg leads out with a bet of 125,000.

Saeed calls and the 10♥️ completes the board. Kohlberg checks to Saeed who slides out a bet 400,000 and Kohlberg check raises all in for 1,360,000. Saeed lays it down and as Kohlberg scoops the pot he asks Saeed "Would you like to see it."

"Sure if you want to show it" replies Saeed and Kohlberg turns over his K♥️6♣️ for just king high.

Kurt Kohlberg- 2,270,000
Omar Saeed- 4,330,000