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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Event #18 ($500 Six Max) - A Tough Table in a Tough Field

Event #18: $500 NLH Six-Max $25,000 Guaranteed
Level: 12
Blinds: 600/1,200
Entries: 87
Current Remaining: 34
Avg. Chip Stack:  76,764
Prizepool Information:  CLICK HERE
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

The six max field is down to the final 36 players, and one table in particular really stands out.  Foxwoods is known for it's notable players, but rarely do they all get concentrated together at the same table.  Table 6 includes the following players:

Seat 1 - Nick Palma
Seat 2 - Caleb Clarke
Seat 3 - Leonard Coretellino
Seat 4 - Tarun G.
Seat 5 - Sara Austin Stohler
Seat 6 - Empty

These five players alone hold over $3,500,000 in collective live tournament earnings. 

When the blog staff checked in on the table there was a general consensus that they were all ready for the table to break.

"I looked around the field and didnt think that it was super stacked," one of the players at the table said, "But as soon as I sat down to this table I knew I was in for a tough day."

Another player responded, "We are all playing cautiously, and just kind of waiting for the table to break."