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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Event 12: Eric Blythe Eliminated in 13th Place ($2,918)

Event 12: $1,200 NLH (Re-Entry)$125,000 Guaranteed
Level 17: 2,500/5,000/500
Total Entries: 138
Players Remaining: 12
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Eric Blythe
Eric Blythe moves all in for his last 69,000 and Adam Pepper is next to act. Pepper reshoves all in for about 150,000 and the rest of the table gets out of the way.

Pepper: A♥️Q♦️
Blythe: 9♥️9♣️

The dealer fans the 9♦️8♦️7♣️ flop and Blythe improves to top set to put a hammerlock on the hand. "No diamond" he says but the 2♦️ hits the turn. The river is the 10♦️ and Pepper backdoors a diamond flush sending Blythe to the rail in brutal fashion.

Adam Pepper- 230,000
Eric Blythe- Eliminated in 13th Place ($2,918)