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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Event 12: Caputo Takes the Lead Before Dinner Break

Event 12: $1,200 NLH (Re-Entry)$125,000 Guaranteed
End of Level 22: 8,000/16,000/2,000
Total Entries: 138
Players Remaining: 4
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

John Caputo

Aleksey Filatov
In one of the last hands before the dinner break John Caputo and Aleksey Filatov were involved in a preflop raising war. The end result was Caputo moving all in for 713,000 and Filatov making the call.

Caputo was holding A♦️A♥️ against the Q♥️Q♦️ of Filatov. The board ran out clean for Caputo and he moves into the lead just as the Event 12 players head out on a one hour dinner break.

We will be picking back up on all of the action here on the blog when play resumes. Below is a look at the updated chip counts from the final three players.

John Caputo- 1,438,000
Aleksey Filatov-  1,350,000
Jeff Higgins- 775,000


1. $39,104+Trophy
2. $25,533
3. $17,071