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Friday, March 9, 2018

Event #1: Scott Robbins Sends One Home, Players Now on the Money Bubble

Event #1: $600 No-Limit Hold'em  $500,000 Guaranteed
Flight A Total Entries: 243
Current Players Remaining: 31
Current Chip Average: 156,774
Level 16: 1,500/3,000 blinds, and a 500 ante
Feature Table Live Stream:

Scott Robbins (three seat) eliminates player in seat 7

A player moved all in for 10,400 preflop, and was called by five players.  All four players checked the K♣73 flop.

The turn brought the J♠ and Scott Robbins bet 55,000. The other four players folded.

Robbins: JJ♣
Opponent: 5♣5

The inconsequential river was the 3♠, and Robbins was awarded the pot, while his opponent was eliminated from play.

When the field is thinned by just one more player, the remaining 30 players will bag up their chips. The 30 players to advance in this first of three starting flights will return to play Day 2 on Monday at 11 am, all of them in the money.