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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Event 8: The Final Four Make a Deal, Charles Bunker Wins the Trophy

Charles Bunker

It was nearing 2 A.M. and the stacks were getting shallow in the $300 NLH Big Stacks Event. The final four players began to discuss an adjusted payout deal.

It didn't take long for an agreement to be made and they then played it out for the trophy and Charles Bunker came out on top.

 Bunker is our Event 8 champion taking home $5,300 and the trophy.

Stephan Siebold- $6,779
Laurie Hilton- $6,413
Juno Kim- $6,413
Charles Bunker- $5,300
Stephan Siebold ($6,779)
Juno Kim ($6,413)

Laurie Hilton ($6,413)

Charles Bunker ($5,300)