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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Event 10: Roemischer Straightens Out Driscoll

Event 10: Main Event
$1,650 NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 7: 250/500/50
Total Day 1A Entries: 105


Eugene Roemischer 

We caught up to a hand just as the pot was being shipped over to Eugene Roemischer. Ted Driscoll was sent to the rail and Roemischer filled us in on the action.

The board was reading Q♦️8♦️4♣️10♠️ and Roemischer lead out with a bet of 3,400. Driscoll raised to 8,500 and Roemischer made it 18,000. Driscoll moved all in for about 22,000 and Roemischer snap called turning over J♠️9♣️ for the nut straight.

Driscoll was drawing dead holding A♣️Q♠️ and the meaningless 4♠️ hit the river. Driscoll was eliminated be has since re-enter and Roemischer is up to over 75,000.

Ted Driscoll