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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Event 1: Minxolli Sends One to the Rail

Event 1: $600 NLH (Re-Entry) $500,000 Guaranteed
Level 25: 12,000/24,000/4,000
Total Event 1 Entries: 939
Total Players Remaining: 32

The action folds around to the player on the button and he raises to 75,000. Welther Marmol folds his small blind and Glen Minxolli (pictured) reraises to 235,000 from the big. His opponent moves all in for nearly 700,000 and Minxolli snap calls turning over his K♠️K♣️.

The button shows 8♣️7♣️ and the board runs out 10♦️J♦️Q♠️K♥️J♠️. Minxolli improves to a full house to earn the pot and the knockout and he is now second in chips with 1,675,000.