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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Event 1: Tony Silbert Check Shoves the Turn

Event 1: $600 NLH (Re-Entry) $500,000 Guaranteed
Level 23: 8,000/16,000/2,000
Total Event 1 Entries: 959
Total Players Remaining: 39


Andrew Cooper raises to 46,000 from middle position and Tony Silbert (pictured) calls from the big blind. They go heads up to the K♦️K♥️Q♦️ flop and Silbert checks. Cooper bets 50,000 and Silbert makes the call.

The turn brings the A♣️ and again Silbert checks. Cooper slides out a bet of 80,000 and Silbert check raises all in for his last 380,000. Cooper thinks it over for a short moment before folding and Silbert takes it down.

Tony Silbert- 685,000
Andrew Cooper- 850,000