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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Event #2 ($580 NLH Re-Entry) - Gerald Lemke Jr. Eliminated in 22nd Place ($4,495)

Level:  25
Blinds:  12,000/24,000
Ante: 4,000
Entries: 1,035
Current Players Remaining: 21
Average Stack: 771,428
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Alex Santiago raises to 48,000 in middle position, and Mark Checkwicz calls on the button. Jean-Philip Malrais raises to 185,000 in the small blind, and Gerald Lemke Jr. shoves all in from the big blind for less (100,000). Santiago, the original raiser folds, and Checkwicz calls.

The flop comes Q♠8♣4♥ .  Malrais pauses for a few seconds before placing a bet of 250,000, and Checkwicz folds.

Lemke: A♣10♠ (ace high)
Malrais: AQ (pair of queens)

The 9 turn and 4♠ river are of no help to Lemke, and he is eliminated in 22nd place.

Jean-Philip Malrais - 2,100,000 (87 bb)
Gerald Lemke Jr. - Eliminated in 22nd, for $4,495

Maltais calls