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Friday, August 18, 2017

Event #1 ($365 NLH) - Wayne Beauregard Eliminated in 4th Place ($4,799)

Wayne Beauregard - 4th Place - $4,799

Level:  23
Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Ante: 2,000
Entries: 188
Current Players Remaining: 3
Avg. Stack: 626,666
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Chris Tryba shoves all in from under the gun.  It folds to Wayne Beauregard in the big blind who pauses for over a minute, and then calls for less (Beauregard had around 170,000.)

Tryba: AQ
Beauregard: A♣8

The flop comes 1063 leaving Tryba's ace-queen in the lead.  He maintains that lead when the turn comes the 3, but Beauregard picks up chop outs.

The river is the Q♣ awarding Tryba the pot, and eliminating Beauregard in 4th place.

"I thought that was going to be a diamond for sure," Tryba says as the pot is pushed over to him, "or a black eight. Yesterday I had a guy at the cage, and the dealer ran out a royal flush for a chop. That's how I run."

Chris Tryba - 341,000 (21 bb)
Wayne Bearegard - Eliminated in 4th place, for $4,799