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Friday, August 18, 2017

Event#1 ($365 NLH) - Two Doubles, Two Different Chip Lead Changes

Level:  22
Blinds:  6,000/12,000
Ante: 2,000
Entries: 188
Current Players Remaining: 4
Avg. Stack:  470,000
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Hand #1:

Facing a raise from Bobby Corcione in late position, Wayne Beauregard shoves all in from the blind, and Corcione snap-calls.

Beauregard: AQ
Corcione: A9

"Aces are light," tablemate Chris Tryba says as the flop comes Q6♠2.

The turn is the 10.

The river comes the A♠ increasing Beauregard's hand to two pair, and Tryba is shocked the case ace came on the board.

After this hand, Beauregard has the chip lead with just under 750,000 (62 bb).

Hand #2: 

Kevin Balcom raises to 25,000 on the button, and Wayne Beauregard calls in the small blind.

The flop comes J54♣.  Beauregard checks, Balcom bets 45,000, and Beauregard calls.

The turn is the A. Beauregard checks, Balcom bets 65,000, and Beauregard pauses for about 30 seconds before raising to 165,000 total.  Balcom goes deep into the tank, and after two full minutes have passed, he calls the extra 100,000.

The river is the 4.  Beauaregard quickly shoves all in, and Balcom snap calls.

Beauregard turns over 67♥ for missed straight and flush draws, and Balcom shows A♠3 for two pair to double up.

The dealer counts down his 263,000 chips, and passes the same amount over to him from Beauregard's stack.

After this hand, Balcom now has the chip lead.

"Chip lead," Tryba says while pointing to Beauregard. "Chip lead," he says again as he points to Balcom.  "Now, chip lead," he says as he points to himself.

"And then back to me," Corcione says with a slight smile.

Kevin Balcom - 996,000 (83 bb)
Wayne Beauregard - 225,000 (18 bb)