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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Event #8, Flight D - Sherwin Agard Accidentally Folds the Nuts

Level: 2
Blinds:  50/100
Current Entries: 57

Sherwin Agard is feeling confident after just winning the last hand.  In this hand, action folds to him in the hijack and Agard says, "You know what?  I am going to win this hand without even looking. I raise to 250."

Raj Patel calls on the button and Michael Ferraro calls in the big blind.

The flop comes Q4♠3. Ferraro checks, Agard bets 300 (still without looking), Patel folds, and Ferraro calls.

The turn is the 2. Ferraro checks again, and Agard says, "See, I am gonna win this hand without even looking. I bet 800," and he throws out his bet of 800.  Once again, Ferraro calls.

The river is the A. This time Ferraro quickly announces that he is all in, and Agard is caught off guard.

"I guess I better check my cards now," Agard says.

" said you weren't going to look," Ferraro says.

Agard looks at his first card, then looks at his second card, and says, "Alright, I guess I have to fold," as he tables K3 for the nut flush.

Ferraro says, "You folded that? You just folded the nuts," as Ferraro tables an inferior flush, 96.

"What?  NO!" Agard shouts, "I didn't even see that. I tabled my hand."

The floor is called over and since Agard verbally announced that he folded prior to tabling his hand, the hand is ruled dead, and the pot is awarded to Ferraro.

"What an idiot," Raj Patel says as the chips are passed over to Ferraro, "Please write that, 'What an idiot.'" 

Michael Ferraro - 15,000
Sherwin Agard -  30,000