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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Event #8, Flight C - Sean Carlson Doubles With Aces

Level: 11
Blinds:  500/1,000
Ante: 100
Current Entries: 73
Current Players Remaining: 36
Average Chips: 40,555
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Justin Lynn raises to 4,000 in early position, and the player to his direct left calls.  It folds to Sean Carlson in middle position who raises to 11,000.  It folds back around to the original raiser who pauses for a few moments before hesitantly folding, and the player to his left quickly calls.

Carlson is away ahead holding AA against his opponent's J♣J♠.

The flop comes Q♠73, and Lynn says, "Oh man, I folded pocket queens."

The 7♣ turn and 8 river are safe for Carlson, and he doubles up.

As the chips are being counted down from Carlson's opponent's stack, the table talks about Lynn's fold, all agreeing that it was, "Absolutely the right fold," despite the fact that he would have won the hand.

Sean Carlson - 80,000