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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Event #16B ($2,200 NLH Main Event) - Mike Dentale "Keeps Getting Run Over"

Level: 8
Blinds: 300/600
Ante: 100
Current Number of Entries: 172
Current Players Remaining: 89
Average Chip Stack: 57,303
Feature Table Live Stream Link: 

There's a commotion over on Table 4 that is starting to draw a bit of a crowd. The blog staff arrives and there's around 10,000 in the middle and a board reading 9♣5♠43♣J. Mike Dentale has apparently checked in middle position, and the player on the button has bet 6,000.

"How much time do I got Huey?" Dentale asks the floor as the floor approaches the table. (Note: the floor's name is not Huey).

Since the floor has just arrived to the table he is not quite sure what is going on yet.  The dealer says to the floor, "Player has requested a clock," and the floor begins to give the "60 seconds to act speech."

About ten seconds in Dentale says, "I am going to take a long time on this one Huey, because I just have a small pair, and can really only beat a bluff here."

"You can't talk about your hand, Sir," the floor says to Dentale.

Dentale pauses for a few seconds, looks over at his opponent, and says, "I call."

Dentale's opponent turns over J♣7, having hit a pair of jacks on the river, and says, "I got lucky."

"You got lucky?  Oh, ya think!?!" Dentale responds.  Dentale turns over 7♠4, and continues, "You just F&*#&* hit a three outer..." his voice trails off.

The rest of the conversation involved Dentale talking seamlessly to himself about whether it's worth it to even play poker when you just keep getting poked in the a*$ over and over again.

The player says, "I'm sorry."

"No man, you didn't do anything wrong," Dentale responds genuinely to the player, "I just keep getting run over."

Mike Dentale - 45,000