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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Event #16B ($2,200 NLH Main Event) - Baseem Nsier Eliminated By James Frangoulidis

Level: 2
Blinds: 75/150
Current Entries: 96
Current Players Remaining: 90
Average Stack: 32,000
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Baseem Nsier was all in preflop and had been called by James Frangoulidis and John Yiovanakos, both in middle position.

The flop comes A♣4♣2♣. Frangoulidis shoves all in for around 25,000, and Yiovanakos goes into the tank. After nearly two minutes of thinking, Yiovanakos folds and says, "Ace jack, with the jack of clubs."

Frangoulidis: K♣K
Nsier: Q10♠

The J♠ turn causes Yiovanakos to cringe a little, but when the river comes the Q♣ a player at the table says to Yiovanakos, "I bet you like your fold now."

Frangoulidis is awarded the pot, and Nsier is eliminated from play.

"You should probably just sit and watch this table, lots of action for the first two levels," a player says to the blog staff.

James Frangoulidis - 40,000
Baseem Nsier - Eliminated with the option to re-enter