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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Event #11, Flight A - Advancing Players (By Chip Count)

Here is a look at the 23 players advancing to Day 2 in the money from Flight A of the $400 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry Multi-Flight event.  These 23 will join with any advancing from Flights B, C, D,  E, and F, and will return to play Day 2 on Wednesday March 29nd at 12:00 noon.

In the last hand of this flight, two players were eliminated on the bubble at separate tables, leaving 23 players to advance to Day 2. Since 24 players made the money in this flight, Paul Freedman and James Frangoulidis will each take home $400 (splitting the $800 prize for 24th place).

Here is a look at the other 23 players advancing to Day 2:

Name: Chip Count:
Hemingway, Ryan 434,000
Paradis, Maurice 'Fred' 295,000
Harris, Anthony 291,000
Friedrich, Stephen 279,000
Kim, Lowell 261,000
Brown, Gregory 235,000
Ethier, Steven 212,000
Riley, John 192,000
Carleton, David 182,000
Moreira, Helio 178,000
Gmitter, Paul 164,000
Falardeau, James 162,000
Marrs, Daniel 159,000
Mammon, Adam 156,000
Petroccitto, Frank 152,000
Kosmidis, Stavros 121,000
Hilton, Eric 112,000
Confesor, Jorge 92,000
Panacopoulos, Spiros 80,000
Pignatiello, Luca 60,000
Berardi, Joseph 55,000
Barett, Bruce 49,000
Karidis, Theodoros 42,000