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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zach Deneen Knocks One Out - Event #8A

Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50

Action folds around to Zach Deneen on the button who raises to 1,100.  The small blind folds, and the big blind shoves all in for 5,250.  Deneen thinks for a moment and then hesitantly throws in the chips to call.

Deneen: [4c][4s]
Big Blind: [as][10h]

"That's a bad flop for me," the player in the big blind says after the dealer lays out the [js][jd][4h] flop.

Unfortunately for his opponent, the [kh] turn and [ah] river do not improve his hand, and Deneen will scoop the pot, and eliminate his opponent.