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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Event #8 ($400 NLH Multi Flight PPC) Update

Flight A is is nearing their last break of the day, and at present there are 117 players of the original 271 remaining.

Flight B will begin in the next few minutes (at 5:00pm Eastern time).  This will be the second and final flight offered before Day 2 begins at noon Eastern time tomorrow (Thurs. Feb. 11th).

As a reminder, this tournament comes with a $100,000 guarantee, 20,000 in chips, and players are allowed to enter and re-enter until the start of level 9.  The first 12 levels will be 30 minutes in length, and levels 13+ will be 40 minutes in length.

The top two spots will receive a $5,000 package to the PPC Aruba World Championship in addition to their share of the prize pool. Packages are transferable. For more information on the PPC, please see their website at

A full Event #8 structure/information sheet is available here