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Monday, February 15, 2016

Vinny Maglio Takes One Down (Event #12 - Main Event)

On a board reading [9h][5h][4c][8h], Jason Eisele checks in the small blind, Vinny Maglio bets 36,000 in the hijack, David Datashvili calls in the cutoff, as does Eisele. 

When the [qs] comes on the river, Eisele checks, Maglio checks, and Datashvili goes into the tank.  After a minute and a half, he checks as well. 

Eisele shows [ah][10c] for ace high, Maglio shows [9c][6s] for a pair of nines, and Datashvili mucks.

Datashvili  asks Maglio, "Do you call a river bet?" 

Maglio responds, "I dont know man." 

Maglio is now sitting with 470,000 in chips.