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Friday, February 12, 2016

Event #10 - Michael Pasquale Takes From Brett Johnson

Michael Pasquale Shifts in His Seat at Brett Johnson Contemplates a Call

On a board reading [ac][9d][5d], Pasquale checks in middle position, and Brett Johnson bets 1,500 on the button.  Jesson calls.

Pasquale again check-calls a bet of 2,700 when the [3c] comes on the turn.

When the river comes the [2s], Pasquale leads out for 5,000 by raising the single red chip high above the table and dropping it into the middle.  Johnson goes into the tank.  After two minutes of contemplating his decision Johnson hesitantly throws a red chip into the middle to call.

"Two pair," Pasquale says as he turns over [2c][5c].  Johnson throws his cards into the muck.

Pasquale is now sitting with around 34,000, and Johnson with 16,000.