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Monday, December 7, 2015

One orbit with Je Wook Oh

With 33 players remaining, the blinds are currently 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante. We follow Je Wook Oh for an orbit, starting with him in the big blind.

Hand 1: The player in the hijack opens and Je Wook defends his big blind. The two check the [2s][qh][ah] flop, and then Je Wook check-folds the [2d] turn.

Hand 2: There is some controversy on the antes, but finally a hand is dealt. Action folds to Je Wook in the small blind, and he limps. The big blind checks and the two check down a [jh][5d][6d][3s][ts] board. Je Wook wins the pot with [kh][6h].

Hand 3: UTG raises to 28,000 and the cutoff makes the call. Je Wook and the small blind fold, and Don Fisher in the big blind calls. UTG c-bets 42,000 on the [2d][jc][ac] flop only to see Don check raise all in. UTG folds, and Don wins the pot.

Hand 4: The hijack raises to 27,000 and the big blind calls. The flop falls [5h][jc][qs] and both players check. The [4c] falls on the turn and the big blind check folds to a delayed c-bet.

Hand 5: Dave Collin in UTG+1 raises to 30,000 and the cutoff moves all in. The big blind asks for a count and is told 229,000. He folds, but Dave makes the call with [ac][kc]. The cutoff is in bad shape with his [as][7s], and the [3d][kh][qh] leaves him drawing to runner runner. The [6s] turn gives him a backdoor flush draw, and the [9s] river completes that draw. Dave requests the hand go on the blog since people never believe him.

Hand 6: Je Wook raises to 26,000 from middle position and the button and both blinds make the call. The flop falls [qs][4d][jd] and all four players check. The [8c] lands on the turn, and this time everyone checks to the button who bets 40,000. The blinds fold and Je Wook makes the call. Heads up the [3h] fiver goes check check and the button shows [qc][5c]. Je Wook re-checks his cards and mucks.

Hand 7: All players fold to Don Fisher who raises and takes done the blinds and antes. He flashes the [ah] to his table mates.

Hand 8: Je Wook is under the gun and folds. UTG+1 limps, as does the button and Dave Collin in the small blind. The big blind checks and the dealer spreads the [qs][as][6h] flop. All four players check to the [9d] turn, and Dave leads for 40,000. Only UTG+1 makes the call. The [6c] river prompts a 50,000 bet from Dave, and that bet is called. Dave says "I have an ace" as he shows [ah][4c]. That's enough to win the pot.