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Thursday, October 8, 2015

George Kalaitzis Doubles Up on Final Table Bubble (Event #5)

George Kalaitzis
George Kalaitzis shoved all in from under the gun for 182,000.  A player in middle position immediately called.  Ronnie Browne reshoved over the top from the small blind, and the player in middle position went into the tank. He thought for over 3 minutes, eventually swishing his chip stack around, closing his eyes, and pointing to a chip.  

"If this is an orange chip, I fold.  If it's black, I call."  He ultimately ended up touching an orange chip and announced that he folded.  

Kalaitzis:  [js][jd]
Browne:  [ah][qd]

The flop and turn came [10d][9h][8c][8s].  Before the river card was dealt, Kalaitzis said, "two."

The river came the [2c] awarding Kalaitzis the full double up.  He now has 542,000 in chips.  

The player that folded preflop told the table that he had folded Ace-King.