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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peter Tripp's Flush (Event #6 - $300 Bounty)

Peter Tripp
On a board reading [kc][7d][3d] a player in the small blind bet 4,000 and Peter Tripp called in the cutoff.

When the [ad] came on the turn, the small blind led for 6,000, Tripp raised to 16,000, and the small blind called.

The small blind asked out loud for a three on the river and without waiting, the [3c] came on the river.  He then bet out 11,000.  After a moment's pause, Tripp called.

Tripp turned over [jd][9d] for the flush.  The player in the blind checked his cards twice, and then mucked his cards face down.

Tripp is now sitting with 145,000 in chips at Level 10 (400/800 blinds with a 100 ante.)