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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Matthew Wantman Eliminates Two

On a board reading [6h][4d][5d], a player in early position checked, Matthew Wantman checked, and a player in later position shoved all in.  With action back on the player in early position, he opted to move all in.  Matthew Wantman had them both covered and called.

Early Postion:  [Ad][2d]
Wantman: [9d][7d]
Late Position: [As][Kd]

Wantman sighed when he saw his opponent's ace high flush draw.  But when the [7s] turn and [9h] river hit the board, it was Wantman that ended up eliminating both players and scooping the pot to bring him close to nearly 90,000 in chips.
Matthew Wantman