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Monday, March 16, 2015

Mike Just goes on a two-hand heater

Mike Just was sitting on "just" 38,000 chips when he was all in with [As][Qh] on a [Kc][Qd][8d] flop.  His opponent had him in terrible shape with [Ah][Ad], and Mike would need a queen or running straight cards to survive.  Miraculously, the [Qs] hit the turn, and the [Jd] river meant he would double up.

While we were counting his chips, Mike had another opponent all in.  This time, Mike had the pocket aces.  His opponent showed [Qs][Qh], and the [7h][3h][Kd][6c][2s] board kept the aces in the lead.  Mike now sits on over 110,000.