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Monday, December 14, 2015

8th Place: Tim O'Keefe ($10,523)

Jeffrey Yanchek limped under the gun and Tim O'Keefe limped as well. Long Tran completed the small blind, and Ralph Macri checked. The foursome saw the flop fall [4s][Qc][6c], and Ralph bet 45,000 after being checked to. Jeffrey folded, and Tim raised to 110,000, leaving himself around 200,000 behind. Ralph moved all in after Long folded, and Tim made the call.

Ralph [Qs][6s]
Tim [Ah][Qd]

Ralph had flopped two pair and would knock Tim out if he didn't get counterfitted. The [Kh] gave Tim three extra outs, but the [2d] river sealed his fate. Tim will exit this tournament in 8th place, collecting $10,523.