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Sunday, March 22, 2015

6th Place: Mike Hollenberg ($11,046)

At 5,000/10,000 blinds, Mike Hollenberg was all in preflop for 162,000 and was called by Mark Dickstein. Right behind him, Dan Chalifour moved all in over the top, having Mark covered. Action folded back to Mark, who called and proudly flipped over [As][Ac]. It was a cooler as Dan held [Kd][Kc] and meanwhile Mike had [7s][7h]. No one hit a set on the [Jc][5d][Th][8s][Qc] board, and Mike will be eliminated in 6th place, good for $11,046. Mark's stack was counted down to 579,000, so he will more than double up, while Dan will be knocked down to 444,000.