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Sunday, March 22, 2015

5th Place: James Campbell ($13,596)

At 6,000/12,000 blinds, James Campbell raised under the gun to 26,000 and Gerald Hillard reraised to 121,000 from the small blind. James responded with a 4-bet shove, and Gerald hesitantly made the call.

James [Ac][Qc]
Gerald [Js][Jd]

It was a flip and we weren't sure who's tournament life was at stake, yet. The dealer fanned the [4d][5d][2s] flopped, and placed the [4s] on the turn. James half-heartedly asked for an ace on the river, but the dealer did not oblige, instead delivering the [7c]. The stacks were counted down, and Gerald had James outchipped, so he will be our 5th place finisher. James will earn $13,596 for his efforts.