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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flight B Frozen At 198, Making Some Predictions and Assumptions...

Event 7 (Flight B)
Level 10 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 198
Players Remaining: 114
Chip Average: 35,000

The official numbers are in for the Flight B session of the $75,000 GTD Event 7 and the field has returned from break frozen at 198 entrants.

That puts the total number of entrants for Event 7 at 414, with those players generating a prize pool of just under $145,000, nearly doubling the original guarantee put on this event.

Now, while those numbers might be "important" they don't mean much to the players in the field, as many left Flight A wondering "how many players will be in the money?" and "how many will advance to Day 2 from both flights?"

Below we'll try to tackle those answers with some simple math and when the dust settles at the end of Flight B, we'll see how close, or far, away we were from the actual numbers come tomorrow.

We'll start with Flight A's numbers to try to mirror those figures onto our Flight B field...

Players Bagging in Flight A (38) / Total Entries in Flight A (216) = 17% of the total field advancing

Players Bagging in Flight B (X) / Total Entries in Flight B (198) = 17 % of the total field advancing

Using some basic high school algebra we are able to conclude that around 34.8 players will advance to tomorrow's Day 2 from Flight B, or, simply, 35.

Now, in terms of players making the money, that's going to generally be between 10-12% of the total field, so, anywhere from 40-45 players will be cashing in Event 7.

That means, with 38 players returning from Flight A and 35 players returning from Flight B, that 73 players will return tomorrow, with just over half of them finishing "in the money".

The above numbers, much like any number other than Final Table counts that we provide are all "-ish", give or take a few either way.

Again, those numbers are all just estimates, assumptions and slightly educated guesses, but they should be close to the actual numbers and give players that bagged earlier and that are looking to bag tonight an idea to what they should be looking at moving forward through Flight B and beyond.