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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Barrile Bests Macri In Set Over Set Encounter

Event 7 (Flight A)
Level 10 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 113
Chip Average: 38,000
Jen Barrile (Marlboro, MA)
We don't know what it is this series, but we've seen a handful of pocket Kings versus pocket Aces encounters through the first few events of the Card Player Poker Tour and while this could just be hindsight, nearly every time the player with pocket Kings has made it very clear that they were thinking of throwing their hand away pre-flop, but just couldn't bring themselves to doing it.

Ralph Macri was our latest player who wished he had just gone with his gut as he described his pre-flop encounter with Jen Barrile (Marlboro, MA) as "tense, like we were either going to kiss or she had pocket Aces and had me crushed."

It was clearly the latter and the two got it all-in on a flop of [Ad][Kc][10c] with Barrile holding [Ah][Ac] and Macri holding [Kd][Kh].

It was a massive pot, something that is only really the case at this stage of a tournament with holdings as strong as sets, massive draws or the always entertaining Kings vs. Aces encounter.

No one can usually get away from those big pocket pairs, especially pre-flop, but Macri almost did and would have been correct.

Instead, nearly his entire stack is now sitting with Barrile who is playing close to 70,000 chips, more than double the chip average.

We've talked about Macri's Foxwoods resume a few times over the first few days of this series, but Barrile certainly can hold her own at the poker table, as she is a Foxwoods Champion with just over $50,000 in live tournament earnings.

She's off to a fast start after the end of the late registration period and will be looking to continue to chip up and end Flight A strong and notch her first tournament score in 2015, something that might be in reach now that she looks like one of the biggest stacks in the room.