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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eric Siegel takes the chip lead

Eric Siegel was outchipped almost 3 to 1 against Steven Shackleton before these two hands.

On the first, Eric doubled up holding [Ac][4d] against Steven's [Kh][3h].  The [Ad][9s][Kc][Qh][7d] board gave Eric the winning pair of aces, and he got a double-up to almost even out the stacks.

On the very next hand, Eric was all in again, this time holding [Ah][2s] to Steven's [Kh][Jd].  Again, the best hand held up through the [9d][4s][6d][5s][Td] board.

Steven was left with a little over 400,000, but was able to double up a few hands later with [Ah][8s] against Eric's [Qc][Ts].