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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Event 14 $500 Freezeout NLH: Ryan Slowik Cracks Aces to Vault to the Top

$500 Freezeout NLH (No Re-Entries)
Level 14: 2,000/4,000/4,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 68
Players Remaining: 12

Ryan Slowik

Ryan Slowik got his stack of 201,000 all in pre-flop holding A♠️K♠️ against the A♥️A♦️ of his opponent.

The dealer fanned the K♥️Q♠️5♠️ flop and it was a monster flop for Slowik who picked up the nut flush draw to go along with his top pair.

The 9♦️ turn was no help to Slowik but the 4♠️ hit the river improving Slowik to the nut flush to crack his opponents aces and vault to the top of the chip counts.

Ryan Slowik- 412,000