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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Event 14 $500 Freezout NLH: The Final Three Make a Deal, Ryan Slowik Takes the Trophy and $7,000

Boyuan Han, Ryan Slowik, Matt Boyle

The pace of play picked up rapidly at the final table and the players fell fast. Just three remained and they began to discuss a deal before the break.

The stacks were counted down and it didn't take long for them to come to an adjusted payout agreement.

Ryan Slowik who was holding the chip lead will take first place earning $7,000 and his first Foxwoods World Poker finals trophy.

Below is a full look at the final Event 14 tournament results.

1. Ryan Slowik- $7,000+Trophy
2. Boyuan Han- $6,255
3. Matt Boyle- $5,000
4. Chris Castagliuolo- $2,852
5. Stephen Friedrich- $2,139
6. David Prociak- $1,711
7. Adrian DeAndrade- $1,426
8. Ihor Voronchak- $1,141
9. Richard Maceroni- $998