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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Event 1 $600 NLH: A Look at the Numbers, Weinman At the Top of the Chip Counts

Daniel Weinman

Day 1A Entries: 221
Day 1A Survivors: 23
Day 1A Chip Leader: Daniel Weinman (661,000 Overall Chip Lead)

Day 1B Entries: 68
Day 1B Survivors: 7
Day 1B Chip Leader: Dean Curreri (475,000)

Day 1C Entries: 224
Day 1C Survivors: 22
Day 1C Chip Leader: Albert Shenker (531,000)

Day 1D Entries: 96
Day 1D Survivors: 10
Day 1D Chip Leader: Linval Gentles (538,000)

Combined Day 1A-D Entries: 609
Combined Day 1A-D Survivors: 62