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Monday, October 21, 2019

Championship NLH: LJ Sande Wins His Third Foxwoods Poker Title and $67,200

Leonard "LJ" Sande

The Foxwoods World Poker Finals $2,500 Championship NLH $250,000 Guaranteed drew a total of 107 entries.

After three long days of play LJ Sande was the last man standing and it was anything but easy for the Connecticut pro.

Sande grinded a short stack for nearly all of day two and managed to find a double up just before the bag and tag. He returned to day three in the middle of the pack where he remained for much of the day.

Sande stayed patient and with just four players remaining he vaulted to the top picking up pocket queens to eliminate Paul Snead.

Dave Stefanski was the next player to fall and Sande would face Mike Stashin heads up for the title.

The two players battled for nearly an hour and in the end Sande came out on top earning his third Foxwoods Poker title and $67,200.

Below is a look at the final table results and the full tournament results will be posted as soon as they're available.

1. LJ Sande $67,200+WPF Trophy
2. Mike Stashin- $45,360
3. Dave Stefanski- $29,760
4. Paul Snead- $22,320
5. Brock Wilson- $16,800
6. Soukha Kachittavong- $13,440
7. Steven Tabb- $11,040
8. Ken Rawlinson- $8,800
9. Matt Voskuil- $7,200
10. Tarun Gulati- $6,000