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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Event 8 $400 HighFlyer Stack NLH: Pocket Rockets for John Mengual

$400 HighFlyer Stack NLH
$200,000 Guaranteed
Level 20: 20,000/40,000/40,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 1,540
Players Remaining: 105
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John Mengual

John Mengual and Mark Nienow just got involved in an all in pre-flop confrontation. Mengual moved all in for 1,120,000 and Nienow nearly beat him into the pot with the call.

Mengual turned over A♦️A♥️ and it was a cooler for Nienow who showed K♥️K♦️. The board ran out clean for Mengual who let out a fist pump as his pocket aces held up to earn him the double up. 

"That's the first time I've had aces this tournament" said Mengual as he stacked his newly acquired chips. 

John Mengual- 2,240,000 
Mark Nienow- 620,000