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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Event 1E: Eric Siegel Sets Up His Oppoent

$600 NLH $500,000 GTD
Level 9: 400/800/800 BB Ante
Day 1E Entries: 582
Day 1E Players Remaining: 270
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Eric Siegel

A player limped in from middle position and Eric Siegel raised to 2,000 from the button. The player called and they went heads up to the K♦️9♠️4♥️ flop. 

The player led out with a bet of 1,500 and Siegel called. The turn brought the 8♥️ and the player check-called a bet of 4,500 from Siegel.

The 7♦️ hit the river and the player checked to Siegel who bet 4,500. His opponent quickly called and Siegel showed 9♥️9♣️ for a flopped set of nines to take the pot.

Eric Siegel- 80,000