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Friday, March 8, 2019

Event 1A: All That for a Chopped Pot

$600 NLH $500,000 GTD
Level 3: 100/200
Day 1A Entries: 192
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Dawn Wilensky
There was already more than 5,000 in the main pot when we caught up to the heads up action on the A♥️K♦️10♥️7♣️ board.

The player checked to Dawn Wilensky who bet 4,000 and her opponent called. 

The river was the 10♠️ and again the player checked to Wilensky who tossed out a bet of 5,000. After giving it some thought he called and Wilensky announced "full house" turning over A♣️10♦️.

Her opponent cracked a smile tabling the same hand with A♠️10♣️ to chop the pot.

Dawn Wilensky- 30,000