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Saturday, March 23, 2019

$250 Ladies NLH: The Final 3 Make a Deal, Melanie Kaye Takes the FPC Trophy and $5,000

Melanie Kaye

With the elimination of Pamela Kichline in fourth the final three ladies began to discuss an adjusted payout deal. 

It didn't take long for them to come an agreement and Melanie Kaye who held the chip lead will take home $5,000 and her first Foxwoods Poker Classic trophy.

Kaye took the chip lead at the final table and was a one woman wrecking crew sending player after player to the rail. 

Lisa Schang, Melanie Kaye and Katharine Lemieux

Lisa Schang and Katharine Lemieux agreed to split the remaining portion of the prize pool and will each earn $3,750 for their efforts.

Below is a full look at the Event 19 Ladies NLH results. 

1. Melanie Kaye- $5,000+FPC Trophy
2. Lisa Schang- $3,750
3. Katharine Lemieux- $3,750
4. Pamela Kichline-$1,975
5. Allison Coviello- $1,486
6. Alida Veliu- $1,189
7. Karen Goncalves- $977
8. Megan Roberts- $875
9. Yvonne Hernandez- $639
10. Heather Zaporetsky- $530
11. Yvette Tenorio- $530
12. Jodi Orlando- $530